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Tarot Online

The english version of Tarotonline is still under construction but until it's ready:

Please don't hesitate send e-mail to [email protected] for further instructions.

At tarotonline.se you can get your reading without worrying about the cost at the phonelines. You will get the exact cost from the beginning and the reader is able to interpret the cards without feeling stressed.

You have several different services to choose among and therefor you have the possibility to decide for yourself how much and what kind of information you want/need and/or what questions you want to be answered.

The answers is not pre-programmed nor automated. The reader will give you a personal interpretation based on your questions and comments.

Please take a moment to read through the information to get more insights in how Tarot can answer your questions in the best way. And also to get information about questions we due to our code of ethics are not allowed to answer.

From €4, $8, £3,50. We accept Paypal: www.paypal.com

Please contact Mona ([email protected]) if you want to book a telephone call. To answer one question takes about five minutes or less. Price 20,47 € per minute.

We can offer invoice in some cases. Contact Mona.

Tarot Online is a VAT registered company in Sweden SE600527242901

I am from Sweden, and although I have been successfully offering readings in English
since 2008 my English is not perfect! Feel free to correct me anytime. Mona

Denna hemsida är byggd med N.nu - prova gratis du med.(info & kontakt)