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I have been reading the Tarot since at least 20 years. There are many different ways to use the cards.

I prefer to read the Tarot from a psychological approach.

I am very aware of the different symbols and archetypes in the cards.

I have learned one card readings witch is a skill.

But I can do readings with multiple cards as well (for example the Celtic cross).

It is the client who decide what to ask about. A good question may start with the words - why, how, when, who and so on.

It is important for me to have a clear question to answer, to get a clear answer.

I have been certified as a professional tarot reader at the ATA, american tarot association, where I still is a member of good standing.

Shortly that means I like to follow the ethic codes of the ATA as well as my own.

I have been involved in spiritual matters as long as I remember. Sometimes it has been scary, and that is a reason that I tried to find and get along with people like me. I needed to learn to handle my experience and to shut down my mind for the spirit searching me.

Sometimes if I ask my personal guides, they would allow me to get in contact with spirits even on the phone. Mostly I am able to mediate a name or a feeling on the phone. But I won't promise anything when it comes to spirit contacts on phone.

I communicate with most animals (pets). My special is cats, but even smaller ones like any rodent. I so want to help. I truly love animals and I have had pets around me in my whole life.

Sometimes I have found things that has been hidden or disappeared for a while.

Though life have been my best teacher, I want you to feel free to talk to me about anything.

I can help with authority matters and children with special needs.

I also do automatic typing.


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